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Assessment Centre

The ONBUNDOCK assessment centre offers a range of psychological and social evaluation and consulting services intended to assist the courts and others in determining decisions regarding family, civil, or criminal matters. All ONBUNDOCK Assessment team members are trained in psychology and psychological assessment in addition to practical experience in conducting forensic, social and clinical assessments. The team members are all Registered Psychologist or Social Workers who are bound by the professional codes of the Psychology Registration Board, the Australian Psychological Society or the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Forensic & Clinical Assessments

  • Assessment of Mental Disorder
    • Intellectual Functioning
    • Clinical Symptomology
    • Personality and Personality Disorder
  • Educational Assessments
  • Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Pre Sentence Reports
  • Risk Assessments
  • Expert Witness
  • Criminal Compensation
  • Family and Social Reports
  • Personal Injuries

Is your child experiencing learning difficulties in school?

Our range of neuropsychological tests enable us to assess your child to find their academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as any neuropsychological issues that could be affecting their school performance. A standard process during our educational assessments is to author a report with specific recommendations on how any issues found during the assessment could cause learning difficulties in the classroom and how these issues can be addressed. This report will be provided to you (the caregiver), and you are free to provide this report to your child’s school.

Our Assessment Capabilities

The aim of the ONBUNDOCK Assessment Team is to utilise forensic, clinical and social applications of psychology with the collection, examination and presentation of evidence for judicial and other purposes. Assessments utilise up to date techniques from both forensic and clinical psychology which aim to understand and/or predict specific behaviours. Forensic, Clinical and Social reports apply psychological theory and skills to the understanding and functioning of the legal and criminal justice system. Please contact the ONBUNDOCK team to see how we can help provide you with psychological and social evidence in regard to your legal and other consulting needs.

Our practice…

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