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Group Workshops

ONBUNDOCK offers a range of group programs, which are an economical and highly effective method of treatment for personal and group development, education for early intervention and recovery from specific conditions.  Listed are a number of our programs already on offer or alternatively contact the ONBUNDOCK team to tailor a program that suits your specific needs.

Negotiation in the Workplace:

Is there conflict in your workplace? Is it more like a battle ground than a place where team work and well being thrives? This workshop develops strategies and skills necessary to promote good relationships and resolve conflicts.

Time Management:

Are you managing your priorities or are they managing you? This workshop will develop principles to plan our time effectively and find the schedules that fit for you.

Healthy Relationships:

Relationships are an important part of our well being. The workshop will assist in understanding the dynamics of your relationships and offer strategies to strengthen them.

Coping with Change:

One certainty is that change will occur in everyone’s life. This workshop will support you in seeing change as an opportunity rather than a threat. The goal is to make change your friend rather than a barrier.

Effective Communication:

Do you have trouble getting your message across? Do you often feel misunderstood? Do people comment that you don’t listen well? This workshop develops skills in sending and receiving clear messages.

Work Life Balance:

Focusing time and energy to the important aspects of our lives can be challenging. This workshop will create awareness of individual balance through self reflection and information sharing.

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