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Organisational Solutions

ONBUNDOCK offers a range of options to suit your organisations requirements through a professional service that aims to meet the needs of both the individual employee and client organisation.  Currently ONBUNDOCK is contracted to several government and local Townsville organisations to provide employee assistance services, in addition to providing organisational tailored services including; critical incident debriefing, early intervention programs, workshops, conflict resolution, and staff counselling.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a staff incentive that allows organisational management to provide employees with confidential on and/or off-site psychological support and intervention when required.  The benefits of an EAP program are numerous and can include reduced staff turnover, greater productivity and reduced absenteeism.  Contact ONBUNDOCK to tailor an employee assistance service to suit your organisations specific requirements.

Critical Incident Management

A critical incident is a traumatic event which has potential and/or has harmed life or well-being and caused extreme stress, fear or injury to the person experiencing or witnessing the event.  ONBUNDOCK aims to provide organisations with a post-incident debriefing service, which can be both a formal group and/or individual process, conducted by one or several of our professionally qualified team, to alleviate the pressures after a critical incident.  Traumatic stressors are an actual or threatening event such as death, serious injury, human suffering or violence, and include workplace accidents (fatalities or near misses), assault (verbal or physical), robbery and serious physical injury.

ONBUNDOCK offers immediate response to telephone contact during business hours, while current EAP contracts have new clients attended to within 24- 48 hours of the initial contact. In regard to emergency and critical incidents, all attempts will be made to service the requirement with 12 – 24 hours.

ONBUNDOCK can further offer employees extended care options through either Medicare or Private Health Insurance with minimal additional cost, when/if required at the end of the negotiated services offered by their employer.

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